Luciana and Ante (Konavle, Croatia)

Each wedding has a story of its own. Which is one of the reasons why I absolutely love my job!

This beautiful wedding took place in Konavle, near Dubrovnik, and it started quite early in the day. We set off from Ante’s place and went to Luciana’s to collect the wedding gifts, a traditional custom of collecting gifts before the very act of marriage.

The wedding ceremony took place in a small and charming church, after which we snapped some photographs at the Sokol Fortress (Falcon City), with its beautiful view of the entire Konavle.

The day was filled with laughter and jokes, with the the best man getting his tires flattened by a prankster, and then him sabotaging the music at the bride’s place by disabling the diesel generator that powered the music in the tractor. All in all – a truly great and unusual wedding!



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