About me

    My name is Igor Isanović, I was born on April 06, 1985 in Sarajevo where I still live and work. I’ve always had huge love for photography, which I genetically inherited from my father. The start of my photo career was quite interesting, I got my first camera in 2006 from the girlfriend who would later become my wife and give birth to our beautiful daughter Lana. A few years after that I bought a more “serious” digital camera, and in 2010 my first DSLR.

    Given that I used to be involved in motor sports in BiH, the photos I took during car races were my first success. My photos were featured in local and international magazines, and I shot a number of editorials for major car brands.

    I have a huge passion for wedding photography, a field that requires a lot of experience and skills, because a wedding photographer will only get one chance to capture the precious moments and details, while capturing emotions and feelings. I also love photographing nature and have a profound interest in documentary photography.

    After 12 years of working for companies and major corporations, I gathered courage in June 2015 and decided to quit my daily job and start doing photography full time. In January 2018 I started a private business by registering a firm, and am now living my dream.

Several interesting facts about me:

  • I’m a sucker for adrenaline sports
  • I  swim bike and run 10-12 thousand kilometers (yes, ten to twelve thousand) in a year
  • Finisher Ironman triathlon competition, and get triathlete coach license
  • My wish is to run across the entire Chinese wall
  • In addition to running – I ride a bike for even longer distances
  • I am addicted to chocolate and sweets in general (but that’s OK, I burn all those calories regularly)
  • I love traveling, my wish is to visit Cuba and New Zealand and, of course, to photograph weddings
  • I can’t stand when someone talks bad of Canon gear
  • Favorite time of the year? Summer, beach and chill
  • I love Italian cuisine
  • I have a mild OCD, though most people say it is serious