Aldina and Adnan (Sanski Most, BiH)

We photographed the wedding of Aldina and Adnan in Sanski Most and it was filled with some wonderful details. The day all started at Adnan’s house, where the actual wedding ceremony would be held later that day.

After Adnan got ready we headed to Aldina’s place where we were welcomed by numerous guests. We stayed there for a while and went back to Adnan’s house for the official wedding ceremony held by the pool. After the newlyweds said their yes the guests released balloons in the air. The couple then hopped on a horse-driven carriage to the restaurant, where we had a lot of fun until early morning. The wedding day on Saturday was really busy so we delayed the photosession to Sunday, when we went to the neighbouring town of Kljuc and made the fantastic photographs you can see below.

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